Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hot, Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Fed up with the same look year after year, well why not try some of these hot, short hairstyles for black women to spice things up for 2012? Getting a new look is one of the easiest ways to leave last year's woes in the past and embrace something new. There are many ways to give yourself either a sexy or a sporty look with just a few simple tricks.


The natural look is very "hot" this year. Keeping your cut short, but leaving it natural will give you a soft and carefree air about you like Solange Knowles. There are also endless arrangements and accessories that you can try to accent your cut. Plus there is a lot to say for not having to mess with a weave everyday and the costs that it brings.


The bob is another one of those short styles that works very well with African American and Black hair (via Rihanna or Viola Davis) that never go out of fashion. There are also many ways to switch up this look by adding curls, angles or layers to make you really stand out in a crowd. An up-do option works well that gives a "bob like" effect similar to Angela Simmons and La La Anthony. This year you are going to see bobs everywhere, so make sure you do not miss out on the trend!

The Tomboy:

The tomboy is very popular right now and is an easy to manage short hairstyle for black women that will make your morning much easier and more productive. There are so many varieties with this style that you will have something new to try every day of the week. You can do a cut that is really close to the scalp and leave some fringe to frame your face or you can do a pixie-like cut with spikes or you can do a slicked back look.

The Razor Cut:

If you are looking for an edgy and modern short style for women, then the razor cut will not disappoint. This cut can work with curly or straight hair and can be styled in many different ways. The top look this year is either doing tiny corkscrews or a faux-hawk where the cut is very close in the back and on the sides and long in the front that is arranged in a swoop.

Whichever short hairstyle of black women you choose, you will be amazed at what these cuts can do for pulling attention up to your eyes and smile. These cuts bring out your strong cheekbones and look great in whatever color you choose.